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Post  Post subject: How to setup HomeKit  |  Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:18 am
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Equipment required

To use HomeKit first you will need:

  • An iOS Device such as iPhone/iPod,iPad etc.
  • iOS 8.1 or higher installed on your iOS device.
  • One or more HomeKit-enabled accessories, such as lights,locks,thermostat,smart plugs..etc.
  • An AppleTV 3rd or 4th Generation (only required if you wish to do remote access)

Getting Started

HomeKit enabled Accessories are made by 3rd party manufacturers not Apple & will display (the icon below) on the front of the box or packaging.

HomeKit accessories come with their own custom control Apps, so you will need to download this on your iOS Device.
Instructions will come with your HomeKit Product for the name of the App you need to download on your iOS Device, normally these Apps are Free.
After finding the name of the App that accompanies your HomeKit Accessory

  • Download it from the AppStore on your iOS Device.
  • To Help out we have made a list of all the Apps that use HomeKit, so find your Accessory under its brand name and click on the link to take you directly to the Appstore

Next Step after downloading the App you will need to Pair your Accessory with your iOS Device.

  • Make sure your accessory is powered on, or if it needs to be connected to your Home Wifi Router, please do this now.
  • Open the App that came with your HomeKit Accessory on your iOS Device.
  • Point your iOS Devices camera at your accessory's setup code to scan it,(Note: Apps automatically open the camera to start this pairing process, so if your camera is not active after opening the app for the 1st time look for an option called "Setup" or "Pair" from the Apps Menu.
  • Some Apps don't use the Camera to scan the setup code, instead they ask you to input it manually.
  • Set-up Codes are 8 digit numeric codes & look like the icon below, these can found in the documentation that came with your accessory or on the box or even on the bottom underside of your accessory itself.
  • If you cannot find your setup code, contact your manufacturer of the accessory.

If all the steps as followed correctly, congratulations your HomeKit Accessory is now paired with your iOS Device.

The next step is to integrate Siri with your HomeKit Accessory.

For this Siri needs to know a few things about your accessory.
  • Open the App that came with your HomeKit Accessory
  • Open "Siri integration" this can sometimes be found in the Apps Settings if it's not visible on the main screen
  • Select "Rooms"
  • Select the + Button to add a new Room
  • Give your Room a name (normally this is the actual location you are using your HomeKit accessory, so name it accordingly)
  • Select your HomeKit Accessory for that Room
  • Press "Save"

    Ok your done!

    NOTE: Please be patient it can take up to 1 minute for the devices to appear and be able to use with Siri Voice commands

    You may also see another option called "Zones". think of Zones as areas of your house like "upstairs" would be a zone or "downstairs" would be another zone.
    You can add "Rooms" to "Zones" so this enables a simple Siri voice command like "Turn off the lights upstairs", and HomeKit will turn of all the lights in all the "rooms" that are in the "Zone" called "upstairs", get it?
    It really is down to you how you want to plan out your HomeKit devices and how you control them.

    To setup more HomeKit Accessories simply repeat the procedure and add them to your rooms accordingly.

    OK this accessory is now setup and ready to use with your iOS Device & this is fine whilst you are at home.
    But if you need to control your HomeKit Accessories remotely when you are away/at work/holiday etc then we will need to get it working with The New Apple TV as this acts as the "Control Hub" for all your HomeKit devices.

    Setting Up your AppleTV with HomeKit
    • Turn on your AppleTV
    • Open the "Settings" App
    • Select your iCloud Account
    • If you are not already logged into your iCloud Account or then Login now with the same iCloud account your iOS Device is using.
    • If you do not have an iCloud Account then create one, this must be the same account as your iOS Devices use, so you must Login on the iOS Device also.
    • If you are logged into your iCloud account on all your iOS devices including the one you setup your HomeKit accessories then try to use a "voice command" on the Apple TV Siri Remote
    • Press & hold the "Siri Button" on the New AppleTV Remote & give it a voice command, such as "Turn on the Lights" (Note: Only works if you have purchased a HomeKit Light accessory)
    • A list of Siri Voice commands should come with the documentation of your HomeKit Accessory, so now would be a time to try these out

    NOTE: Please be patient it can take up to 1 minute for the devices to appear and be able to use with Siri Voice commands

    Remote Access to your HomeKit Accessories

    Now that you have setup your AppleTV you can control all your HomeKit devices from your iOS Device whilst you are away from your home.
    The only requirement is
    • Your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) has internet Access
    • Your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) is signed into the same iCloud account that your AppleTV is using.
    • Your AppleTV is powered up / Connected to the internet & signed into the same iCloud account .

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